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Your family investment partner for the long term

Sufina is a no-nonsense investment company that invests in healthy businesses with a proven track record. For equity, we exclusively rely on our own resources combined with bank financing. This allows us to maintain full decision-making power and to always be independent of external funders and limited investment periods.



Treasuring your business

Starting from personal experience with the transfer of our own family business, we see it as our mission to secure the continuity of the companies in which we invest. Not only through value creation via the provision of capital, but also by consolidating and cultivating what the company has already built up.

Sufina offers a solution for family businesses and other companies that face certain succession issues. We specialise in acquisitions and the elaboration of corporate structures to facilitate the transition to a new management. In doing so, we always aspire to achieve a professional organisation and a healthy growth in the long term.


Looking for entrepreneurial ambition

Our investment focus is aimed at ambitious, medium-sized companies with strong roots in Belgium. Entrepreneurs who are proud of what their business has achieved and who are ready for a next step, find an ideal partner in Sufina. We focus on companies with an enterprise value from 10 to 50 million, preferably with a stable cash flow.

Examples of transactions in which we can be of added value, are companies who are facing a transfer (familial or not) or who want to further professionalise. We are open to various industrial and commercial sectors, from logistics, distribution and building to food. We do not invest in start-ups.


With the establishment of a driving school group in the 70’s, Karel Moortgat laid the foundation for Sufina as it is today. From that industry, the family business started diversifying and investing in other sectors.


The Moortgat family founds Sufina as a holding to concentrate its activities in the driving school sector.

As a complementary activity, Sufina starts a car dealership in Deurne.

After several acquisitions within the driving school sector, the family diversifies for the first time by joining building company VMG-De Cock, which is still a participation within Sufina to this day.

  • Sufina becomes shareholder in the ITB Group, market leader in electrical installations and maintenance in Flanders and Brussels.
  • Sufina sells its car dealership to the Alcopa group.

Sufina takes over Walloon charcoal packaging company Carbobois.

The driving schools of the Moortgat family, at that time active in about 100 locations with around 500 employees, are taken over by assistance group VTB-VAB.

Jochen Moortgat takes up the torch from his father and becomes CEO.

Sufina becomes co-owner of Anglo Parts, specialist in components for British classic cars.

Sufina acquires a controlling interest in Winsol, Belgian market leader in roller shutters and solar protection.

50 years after the split of the family company, Sufina assists in the unification of Wegmarkeringen De Groote from Deinze and De Groote Gaston from Merelbeke.

  • Sufina moves its offices from Ghent to Waregem Business Park.
  • Sufina assists in the familial succession of Aluform through a majority stake. It builds towards a next chapter with the son, Frederik Constandt.

Sufina acquires a majority interest in World of Tents, the group of Alpinter, Autentic and Alpino. World of Tents is active in the development, production and supply of tents.